Graham Lodge, Linwood

Obtaining planning permission for a new house in the New Forest National Park can be seen as a challenge, but receiving approval for a contemporary design can be even more challenging.

Haddow Partnership has been successful in getting wholehearted support for a new contemporary house, which replaces an existing house in the forest.  Although the house is a striking new design it does have references back to the traditional materials of the forest such as rough oak shingles and locally manufactured bricks.

Graham Lodge, which sits a short distance outside the small community of Lynwood, is set within mature woodland off a forestry track in superb settings of 15 acres.  The Architects recognised that the scale and size of the house would be crucial in setting it within the surrounding landscape.  To ensure that the application stood its best chance of approval, high quality 3-D visuals were prepared both hand-drawn and computer generated, which helped consultees easily appreciate the design intentions.   This is valuable when proposals could be controversial with many different people involved in consultations and which can include a number of lay people such as councillors, parish councillors and general public. A landscape architect was also engaged to carry out a landscape assessment and prepare designs to ensure that the house sat sensitively within its setting.

A pre-application submission was made to the National Park with a well-developed proposal so that the planners could clearly visualise the concept of the new house.  A presentation was made to the Parish Council, who generally gave its support and as a result full planning permission was granted with very few conditions.

The Architects are now preparing working drawings and full specifications, which will give the house its full green credentials providing a low-energy, sustainable and low maintenance house.

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