Wilsom Road, Alton

A housing development of four substantial town houses on a site occupied by a single bungalow.

The site has great challenges due to its steeply sloping nature and its awkward access to the main road, but if these are overcome then the architects will have unlocked the potential of this site for the private developer, who the architects have worked with on several other high quality developments.

The architects worked closely with traffic engineers to ensure a successful planning application. A full Ecological Survey, Tree Survey, Traffic Survey and Road Profiles were also part of the planning application. Impact studies were also carried out using 3-D visuals to provide views from the road and surrounding areas.

The site is centrally located in Alton and is well served by public transport; train and bus, which will minimise potential local traffic. The houses are all detached and laid out in a fan formation so that they can take advantage of the open views across the town and over the valley to the east and southeast.

The houses have been designed so that the first floor accommodation is partly contained within the roof spaces so that they are effectively 1.5 storeys keeping the scale down in sympathy with surrounding properties. Externally, the upper storey is partly clad in timber. The detailing to the houses will be important in order to achieve the high quality intended for this development.

Planning Consent was obtained in October 2009 and the project is now progressing through to the next stages.

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