The Practice

The Haddow Partnership is an award winning practice based in the town centre of Basingstoke and working on projects mainly across England, from London to Bath and the south. We have designed and built a wide range of projects in the commercial, residential, retail and interior design sectors. The practice is experienced in issues of sustainable buildings, using energy efficient techniques in construction and specifying low maintenance materials.

The Haddow Partnership has been established in Basingstoke since 1991 and fully participates in the local business community including the Chamber of Commerce. The Haddow Partnership has clear objectives to produce architecture and designs of which we are proud.

Management of the practice is based on discussion and agreement between the principals and staff, and all individuals in the office are encouraged to give their views. The principals are responsible for a wide range of work, reflecting individual interests. We respond positively to interesting projects, which are a design challenge, and for clients who recognise the need for high quality design.

The practice recognises the importance of working efficiently within tight budgets and timescales. A solution, which brings quality of design to the setting and which crafts a building carefully suited to its purpose is the practice's goal.

Advanced 3D modelling software is used from a project's inception. This enables our designers to accurately visualise a proposal within its context and allows clients to easily participate in the design process, a procedure the practice encourages. This assists us in producing high quality presentations for all our work, which is particularly important in situations where planning issues are sensitive and the case for granting approval can be strengthened by a clear representation of a good quality design.

The Haddow Partnership Ltd is proud to hold "Investor in People" accreditation, which embraces our commitment to training and development of our staff and with an equal opportunities policy.


Our Staff

The practice is formed as a balanced structure of senior experienced staff and architectural assistants. The make-up at present comprises two Senior Architects, one Senior Designer & Planner, and two Architectural Assistants. Management of the office is fundamental to its success and is carried out by the Practice Manager, who is an Associate of the practice.


Our Policy

We endeavour to:

  1. Create interesting architecture that respects its surroundings.
  2. Pursue high quality design and efficiency in administration.
  3. Provide an excellent service to our clients with appropriate, well-designed and economical solutions within the terms of our appointment.
  4. Run a profitable office that is a friendly and rewarding place to work.
  5. Encourage staff to produce their best work, through good management and conditions, with opportunities to develop their education, and to have a non-discriminatory employment policy.
  6. Respect energy conservation and use, wherever possible, environmentally friendly materials.
  7. Within the confines of our brief, carefully consider the users of the building and provide a fully accessible building.
  8. Charge sensibly for services and reward our staff accordingly.